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One of the first recorded accounts of ENT surgery according to many historians is found in ancient Indian Sanskrit texts from 600 B.C.

In the Sushruta Samhita, a text by Hindu surgeon Sushruta, the "attached flap" method of plastic surgery of Nose and ear is described. This procedure was used to repair noses and ears that were lost either as punishment for crimes (such as adultery) or in battle. During a nose reconstruction, skin was cut from the cheek or forehead, twisted skin-side-out over a leaf of the appropriate size and sewn into place forming a new nose. In order to keep the air passages open during healing, two polished wooden tubes would be inserted into the nostrils. This method became known as the "Indian Method of Rhinoplasty" and was kept secret for centuries in India.

In the year 1947, it was Dr C A Amesur , Professor and Head of department of ENT at prestigious J. J. Hospital of Mumbai conceptualized the idea of of formation of a body of ENT surgeons from all over India. His aim was exchange of scientific knowledge and providing a common platform for exchange of teaching protocols and research based training in our filed .It was effort of this visionary that the existing Association of Otolaryngologists of India has been working upon. This association of Otolaryngologists of India was thus borne in 1947, the year India achieved its independence.

Dr P. V. Cherian was first President of this association and Dr H D Gandhi was first Hon secretary at that time. Later on in loving memory of DR S G JOSHI the general body decided to start an oration which was called as DR S G JOSHI Memorial Oration.

Letter From AOI President

My dear colleagues,
I am happy and honoured to have the opportunity to work as your President. It is an honour not only for me personally but for all of us in the Governing Body. The team looks forward to serve the best interests of the AOI.
The recent past has seen some unwarranted accusations being thrown at the office bearers of the organisation.
Social media has been used to spread false allegations and lies about several issues including the election process and attempting to disrupt the General Body Meeting of the AOI.
With so much to look forward to and a lot that can be accomplished, the Governing body does not want to spend time on these wrong accusations.
The preparations for the 14th Asia Oceania Congress in Hyderabad in January 2019 is underway. I am confident that with your support, we are assured of the success of the conference. We would like to use this platform to showcase ENT in India and its achievements in both the scientific side and academics. I look forward to your active participation in this huge event and contribute to its success.
Our new team of the Governing Body are young and highly motivated to make a positive difference to the functioning of the AOI. I have good faith in their sincerity and efficiency. Together we intend to embark on a series of new initiatives to improving the role of the AOI and its functioning. The team is looking into all aspects of our organisation and will establish ways to implement the AOI newsletter, improve membership and their issues and bring an overall improvement in the transparency of the working of the AOI. The editorial team will make the Indian Journal more reader worthy and gain international acceptance.
I took over this responsibility of being President of the AOI hoping to help the organization be change we all wanted to see. It will see fruition only if you join me.

Your Sincerely,
Dr. Ravi Ramalingam
70th President AOI - 2018